About Us

The Good News Times Organization is online digital newspaper with the purpose of promoting positive news from around the world. Everyday we are a society are subjected to negative, depressing, violent and disturbing images and content from newspapers and media organizations around the world. There can be no doubt that this has an impact on people, it not only desensitize us to these events but it also makes us think that this is all there is to the world.

The Good News Time is different, we inspire people to do good, be better and make an impact on the people around us and our community for the better good. A positive message and reinforcement that through promoting Good News will result in a better tomorrow, today.

Our first future aims is to be able to generate sufficient turnover in revenue to support our goals to start humanitarian efforts in different parts of the world.
These include helping the lighting candles charity in Palestine with the idea to build a Internet Business Hub in Bethlehem to help people get online and see there craft items and generate tourism.

Thank you for supporting The Good News Times, let’s do some good together!