Sebastian Vettel revealed that a number… 

The Avengers
END GAME is the good …

Sebastian Vettel emerged as winner…

It’s Good News in Singapore for wine & liquor

“Wine quality in Singapore ...

April 12th, 11:36 pm

The Good News Times

Preserving Traditional Tradesman should be charitized

Have you every stopped to think for while about what life was like in the past. Where do our everyday objects and tools come from; before mass production.

As our ever change world evolves year in year out, through the decades and the centuries so does our skilled trades and our momentary historical archives get forgotten by each new generation.

After watching this short film about a traditional scissor factory in Sheffield, England, United Kingdom it made us stop to think about what other trades are out there that need to be persevered.

There must be a lot of other traditional artisan trades such as Blacksmiths, Sword Smiths, Leather Smith, Cobbler... Can you think of any? If you can please post at the comments below.

Why Ernest Wright Scissors Are So Expensive

Business Insider
Why Ernest Wright scissors are so expensive. ✂
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April 12th, 3:38 am

The Good News Times

Good morning Everyone, Happy Easter Sunday to all of our viewers that are celebrating today.

This is a time for all of to remember and reflect on the hardships of others in the years before today. If you think about it throughout history there have been very difficult times and times of crisis for humanity. War, Plagues, Famines and so on.

The Human spirit, the souls that we carry; our inner-selves in human beings bring great power when united and we need to all unite now and stop the spread of this virus.

Think of this time at home, as a well deserved holiday, whatever bills you have to pay, put this to one side. They can wait, they can understand.

Take this time to D.I.Y around the house, clean the house, get rid of all that horded junk you have in the store room, spend time with family, try art, try singing, music, watch moves.
Everything is going to be alright,

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April 11th, 12:29 am

The Good News Times

Stay positive, keep your chin up, stay home and stay safe

BBC Yorkshire
After surviving three years as a prisoner of war in World War Two, 99-year-old Albert has now recovered from coronavirus. This was the moment he left hospital to return to his loved ones ❤️ Read more:
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April 10th, 1:32 am

The Good News Times

Good news

This Old House
Tommy explains how to get a grip on a slippery screw! Has this ever happened to you? Let us know in the comments if you have a favorite solution for this problem.
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April 8th, 1:54 am

The Good News Times

Well here’s a speech that will inspire you

From bullied to James Bond, this is the story of Pierce Brosnan, and how YOU have the power to change the world through your passion ✨
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April 1st, 11:48 pm

The Good News Times

This is an interesting and insightful video post on the preventive measures China have put in place to stop the Corona Virus in China.

It’s definitely worth a watch.

I never thought I'd need to be tested for novel #coronavirus, especially with all the precautions I take, but there I was in a Shanghai health clinic waiting for my results.
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April 1st, 11:33 pm

The Good News Times

The COVIT-19 Crisis

As many of us have come to terms with, the world is facing a very serious threat from the Corona Virus to public health.

The last time that our civilization had seen an outbreak on a similar scale at this was The 1918 influenza pandemic which was the most severe pandemic in our recent history.

For many of us we are living in uncertain times, anxious of the troubles we face and how we will over come them.
One fact that you can be sure of is that indeed this COVIT-19 is a full fledged storm, but make no mistake this storm will eventually end.

We all have a very important part to play in stopping the virus from growing. That is isolating ourselves from others.

- When people do not come into contact with others
- When people where masks
- When people sanitize there hands

The virus is unable to transmit, that means we will win!

Remember your part and do the right thing! STAY AT HOME!
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